Authority Pro 3.0: Price and Review – Dream Come True or Second Best?

Good news for all internet marketers especially affiliates! The newest updating Authority Pro 3.0 will be launched on June 18th at 12PM EST. This product has made a big phenomenon in Jvzoo Market as well as Affiliates Forums. However, is Authority Pro 3.0 really good or just a scam? And is it worth your time and money? Keep reading!

Authority Pro 3.0 overview

If you are an Internet marketer, you will agree with me that creating squeeze pages, landing pages and sales pages is so important in making money online strategies. Because an effective marketing page can help you INCREASE email subscribers, BOOST sales page conversions, and ENGAGE with your visitors. That is also the dream of almost of marketers.

However, I am sure that you have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on hiring designers and developers to make a good looking sales page or landing page. This fee is really high for small business, even it makes them give up.

For that reason, Authority Pro 1.0 and 2.0 is generated to stop all troubles. On the first launch, they have made the big success. They got 6 figures in sales and whole their customers were happy. Authority Pro is exactly what the market needs at this time.

Now, this is time for the new version – Authority Pro 3.0.

Authority Pro 3.0 review

Authority Pro 3.0 is coming

Launch Details:

  • Product Name: AuthorityPro 3.0
  • Author: Bryan McConnahea, Ross Carrel, Mark Thompson
  • Launch Date: June 18th, 2013 at 11 AM (EST)
  • Price: Check in below
  • Official Page:
  • Product Niche: WordPress Plugin, Sales + LP Builder

Authority Pro 3.0 – What is exactly it?

Authority Pro 3.0 is a WordPress Plugin including Drag-and-Drop editable Layout Widgets, Page Widgets, Content Widgets and Action Widgets… that you can easily use to build out:

  • Squeeze Pages – For Lead Capture/Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages – For Training, Pre-Selling, and More
  • Sales Pages – Generating Product/Service Revenue
  • A Niche Blog – For Authority and Influence
  • Marketing Funnel – For Lead Nurturing
  • SEO – For Organic Traffic + Exposure

With NO REQUIRED technical or coding knowledge.

In addition, Authority Pro 3.0 also ENHANCES any theme you use with page elements like…

  • Custom Page Templates
  • Lead Capture/Optin Form Designs
  • Call to Action Buttons/Arrows
  • Guarantees/Secure Order Forms
  • Social Commenting
  • Custom SEO Options
  • Advanced Caching for Faster Page Load
  • And LOTS more!

==>> Watch Authority Pro 3.0 introductory video <<==

Authority Pro 3.0 – How about author?

Authority Pro 3.0 is developed by Ross Carrel, Mark Thompson and Bryan McConnahea. Ross Carrel is an internet marketer and he learned about internet marketing, technology, and computers when he was a student. Now Ross is working on Writing, Marketing, Programming, and Digital Publishing.

Bryan McConnahea is a 26 year old entrepreneur originally from the U.S and currently living in the south of France with his wife and 1 year old son. Now, he is a developer, a copywriter, a tech specialist, a product creation and launch expert and everything in between. He also is co-creator of Authority Pro.

Mark Thompson is a famous vendor in Jvzoo market. He is famous with many big launch with features products such as wp4fb 2.0 (5000+ sales), Long Tail Pro (5000+), Bonuspress (3000+), List Eruption 2.0 (3500+)…

Authority Pro 3.0 Authors

What outstanding points in Authority Pro 3.0 you like?

Authority Pro 2.0 made a big success in the past. Now this is the time for new updating version, Authority Pro 3.0 which contains a significant number of powerful features:

  • Authority Pro 3.0 was built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, so this WordPress Plugin is friendly with mobile viewing. By using Authority Pro 3.0, its responsive design allows all visitors to view on all desktop browsers as well as mobile devices.
  • You are able to build out many kinds of communicable pages such as Sales Letters, Squeeze Pages, and Web 2.0 Pages which is playing an important role in increase your sales or high conversion rate.
  • Authority Pro 3.0 was included Drag and Drop Editable Widgets (Layout Widgets, Page Widgets, Content Widgets, Action Widgets), so you are simple to work to design everything.  Only clicks and points!
  • Authority Pro 3.0 was designed to work with ANY existing WordPress Theme.

Price of Authority Pro 3.0

Authority Pro 3.0 is really so sweet, but I cannot stop in here. At the first glance, I am so surprised at Authority Pro 3.0’s price. It’s so cheap! Can you guess this?

For all Authority Pro 3.0 can do with your site, it only costs $9.95 for a single license. Amazing! I am sure that Mark is crazy when he decides to sell this powerful Plugin at this price. However, I believe that Authority Pro 3.0 will quickly make a big phenomenon throughout all Affiliates Forum; and of course! The price will go up significantly.

So, if you have loved Authority Pro 2.0 (previous version); and now you want to enjoy the newest updating features from Authority Pro 3.0, you should grab it right now before the price goes up. I guarantee that this is the lowest price which you cannot see in anywhere, DON’T wait another second.

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To sum up, in my own experience, I think that Authority Pro 3.0 is worth your time and money because of some reasons:

  • Powerful in building out squeeze pages, landing pages, sale pages and so on. All of them are necessary for your online business
  • A soft price. You only spend a little bit (only $9.95) for this Plugin.
  • No required technical and coding skills. Easy to use.
  • Save you time and money. Increase your profits.

So regardless if you are a Product Creator that needs to build out Sales and Affiliate Pages or an affiliate marketer looking to create a commission sucking review pages… Authority Pro 3.0 can do it.

You also find out more details and introductory video about Authority Pro 3.0 by following here.




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What will Keyword Organizer do for you?

What will Keyword Organizer do for you?

Keyword Organizer Review

Keyword Organizer Review

1. Import CSV files from the Google Keyword Tool.

Utilizing the great good ol’ cost-free Google Keyword Tool is fantastic. It produces associate degree un-ending offer of good key phrases–from that you’ll produce content on your net web site. nevertheless there is a downside. If you have ever really Sat down and tired to rearrange these CSV files into a viable content technique, then it becomes clear really rapidly how difficult the task is.

Keyword Organizer has been specifically created to tame Google’s CSV files for you. It gobbles up their data and displays the goods elegantly–in a clean, minimalistic interface that you are going to locate extremely simple to use.

2. Separate the excellent keywords and phrases from the negative key phrases.

When you have a couple of thousand keywords on your plate, then the job of figuring out which keywords and phrases you are going to go far, can be a bit daunting.

Keyword Organizer encompasses a a complicated assortment of sorting, browsing, and categorization tools–all created to help you remove the key phrases you do not would like, and organize the key phrases you would like to focus on.

3. Assign your keywords to post groups.

In the end, your job in the creation of on-site content material, primarily comes down to assigning search phrases to logical clusters. In Search engine optimisation, we create content material resources out of these clusters. And these resources act as the “lure” that draws in search engine visitors to our website.

Keyword Organizer permits you to sort in partial write-up titles (or ideas) and prompt Google to “fill in the blank.”

4. Create Search engine marketing-optimized internet content.

After you finally apprehend that key phrases you would like to use in your content material technique, you want to truly create your post. And, in Search engine optimization, we’ll got to “pepper in” our keywords into varied places in our post content material.

Keyword Organizer examines your content material whilst you sort. And the key phrases themselves will adjust color, primarily based on if they do, or do not, appear in the report content material.

5. Export your content material on to WordPress.

Writing a batch of articles for your web website is tough enough.But truly publishing the content material (1-by-one) to your internet site can be fairly a chore.

Keyword Organizer was designed to speak to the cost-free WordPress “CSV Importer” plugin. thus when your content is all done, with the press of a button, you’ll export all of your content articles to your WordPress installation.

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Authority Pro 3.0 Review – Tips to Increase Landing Page Coversion Rate

Hello everybody, I am very happy to come back with another updating Authority Pro 3.0 review. In this post, I would like to share some tips to improve your landing page conversion Rate.

Authority Pro 3.0 review

Authority Pro 3.0 review – Tips for landing pages

There are three major ways in which you can create your landing page conversion rate. All landing pages built by internet marketing experts usually include these three elements at a few others.

Adding your picture and signature

Making your personalization well is the first way to increase conversion rate. To do that, there are two things which is the done thing. First of all is providing your profile photo. The second way is using your signature to the bottom of your landing page.

This radically makes the trust and relationship with your visitors. Most people who resist buying products online do so because they’re weary of getting scammed by a faceless liar, who wont be around when they need help or when they need to return the product.

Using Black text or white layout

The second way to increase your landing page conversion rate is by using black text or a white layout. I think that it is easy for you to do that. Just by using black and white colors, you can make your page look like a professional; which also affect directly on psychology of the visitors

Offering something for free

The third way I would like to mention is offering something for free. This is generally what you will do if you’re using a squeeze page to generate leads: you’ll offer a free report or five-day course – and then use that to generate leads, which you will later up-sell or generate revenue from via affiliate sales. Why this technique work effectively on this situation?

Simply to see that because it allows your visitors to judge your work and ideas before they actually make a purchase. That is also the way you build the trust.

In addition to these three general ways in which to increase your conversion rate, you should always guarantee a quality product. I think that you never would like to see your customers return to request a refund.

Finally, I have share you some tips which can help you increase conversion rate and I hope that it is useful for your business. This information is just a little bit part of the bonus package of Authority Pro 3.0. They are included:

  • Landing Page 101
  • Advanced Copywriting & Conversions
  • Facebook Webinar
  • Sales Funnel Success Tips
  • Product Creation Secrets Exposed

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Authority Pro 3.0 Bonus Package

What is Authority Pro 3.0?

In Authority Pro 3.0 review,I showed you the definition about Authority Pro 3.0, but I would like to remind you again that Authority Pro 3.0 is a WordPress Plugin that includes a step-by-step wizard for easily building out marketing pages, with no technical knowledge at all.

Authority Pro 3.0 was built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which means that its mobile-friendly/responsive design allows to be viewed in all desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Authority Pro 3.0 Bonus Package

To support and increase value for Authority Pro 3.0, I will give my Huge Bonus Package for the first 20 persons who get this powerful WordPress Plugin through my site. The Bonus worth over $500 and they are chosen carefully, so I think my bonus package will support your business so much. Keep reading to discover the bonuses and receive them!

Bonus #1

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 1

Blogging Ninja

Blogging Ninja is a web based software script that allows you to automatically gain fresh, relevant content in your own personal blogs. It works by using the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow you to offer your readers fresh content from blogs and news sites around the web. Best, of all, you don’t have to pay a dime for this content because it is readily available for the public’s taking. You Just Set It Up Once For Each Blog and “Presto”… You’re Done!

You also find out more features of Blogging Ninja at here.

Bonus #2

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 2

Facebook Marketing Extreme

This complete course will show you step by step how you can harness the power of Facebook to market to its 450 million users and drive insane amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site.


  • Facebook Marketing Extreme ebook (with master resale rights)
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorial video that’ll show you exactly what you have to do to build a viral Facebook list, using Facebook Groups
  • Free insider’s report to discover how Facebook can skyrocket your business
  • Fast action bonus: Social Networking Supercharged video series

Bonus #3

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 3

Over 10 Powerful WordPress Themes

Bonus #4

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 4

Traffic Amour Keywords

You will learn:

  • How To Locate and Create Keywords
  • How To Effectively Use Keywords on your Site
  • How To Gain the Edge on the Competition
  • How To Research Keywords
  • How To Use Your New Keyword Knowledge To Crank Up the Traffic!…and much more!

Bonus #5

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 5

Social Site Matrix

  • The most easiest and cost-effective ways of generating traffic to your site is through the use of social media sites.
  • Introduced to a wide range of social media sites, from the most popular to the ones just starting to take off.
  • You’ ll be amazed at just how many backlinks you’ ll have to your site…

Bonus #6

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 6

7 Habits of Highly Successful Internet Marketers

A few online business owners went on to make huge profits! Other marketers banking insane amounts of money! WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF US? This ebook will give you the answers.

Bonus #7

Authority Pro 3.0 bonus 7

Internet Marketing Toolkits

The final bonus contains many useful tool-kits for internet marketers. Affiliates, keywords, writing, … All of them will help you save more time as well as give you a powerful site.

You will follow 3 steps to get my bonus

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  3. You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Very simple. Hurry up!

Thank you for your attention and hope to see you soon!

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